Psuche Home Services

"Trust thru Integrity"

Our Mission Statement For Our Customers

To deliver the proven benefits of preventive and proactive home repair and maintenance to residential homeowners through professional practices and procedures that is truly valued by my customers, makes their lives a little easier, and reduces the cost of home ownership. It is my goal to be viewed as a trusted service provider operating completely in the best interest of my customers working together to preserve and maintain the value, beauty, and safety of their home.

I am committed to ensuring that our service delivers the following benefits to our customers:

  •     Extra time to far too often very busy/demanding lives.
  •     Savings by performing ongoing maintenance and repair,which lowers the total cost of home ownership.
  •     Less work and things to do around the house.
  •     Stress reduction with many fewer items on to-do lists and additional time to spend on whatever fun and relaxing activities our customers desire.
  •     An answer to the home maintenance dilemma faced by homeowners who can no longer physically take care of their homes.
  •      Providing the opportunity to age in place as a viable option to down-sizing or retirement homes or  communities.
  •      Peace of mind knowing that their home is being professionally maintained as intended.